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Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, Tulungia
পণ্ডিত দীনদয়াল উপাধ্যায় আদৰ্শ মহাবিদ্যালয়, তুলুঙীয়া
Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade (CGPA 2.77)
(A Govt. Model College of ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE)
Recognised by UGC and Affiliated to Gauhati University
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Institute
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পণ্ডিত দীনদয়াল উপাধ্যায় আদৰ্শ মহাবিদ্যালয়, তুলুঙীয়া
Accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade (CGPA 2.77)
(A Govt. Model College of ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE)
Recognised by UGC and Affiliated to Gauhati University
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Institute


The Department of Physics, PDUAM Tulungia, was established in the year 2021. The Department is committed to impart quality education to the students through the overall understanding of Physics. Through continuous evaluation methods, we are trying constantly to enhance and analyze their understanding skills. In the coming days, we will definitely adopt newer techniques so that students after completing the course are able to apply the principles and concepts of physics in different fields. We also try to develop a research attitude among the young minds so that they are drawn towards higher studies and research.

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ID Title Description Publish View File
46Inauguration of Departmental Wall Magazine by the Principal (i/c)The first edition of the departmental wall magazine was inaugurated by the principal (i/c) of the college on 09th February 20242024-02-09View File
16Shri Bishwakarma PujaDepartment of Physics along with the Department of IT, PDUAMT celebrated the Bishwakarma Puja.2023-09-18View File
15Workshop on Plasma Physics and its ApplicationA one day workshop on Plasma Physics and its Application was organized on 23/04/2023 by the Department of Physics in collaboration with IQAC, PDUAMT, and in association with CPP-IPR, Guwahati.2023-04-23View File
14Memorandum of UnderstandingSigning of MoU by Department of Physics, Abhayapuri College and Department of Physics, PDUAM, Tulungia.2023-03-17View File
12National Science Day-2023The National Science Day-2023 was organized by the Science Club of PDUAM, Tulungia.2023-02-27View File
13Cultural ProcessionStudents of the department taking part in the cultural procession that was organized as a part of the college week-20232023-02-14View File
11Celebration of National Science Day-2022The National Science Day-2022 was organized by the Faculty of Sciences in collaboration with the IQAC, PDUAM, Tulungia.2022-02-28View File

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ID Semester year View
252021View File
11st Semester2020View File
821st Semester2023View File
41st Semester2021View File
31st Semester2022View File
21st Semester2021View File
52nd Semester2021View File
62nd Semester2022View File
72nd Semester2022View File
283rd Semester2022View File
293rd Semester2022View File
303rd Semester2022View File
123rd Semester2022View File
113rd Semester2021View File
103rd Semester2020View File
93rd Semester2022View File
83rd Semester2021View File
224th Semester2021View File
214th Semester2023View File
204th Semester2021View File
144th Semester2021View File
154th Semester2022View File
164th Semester2023View File
174th Semester2022View File
194th Semester2021View File
184th Semester2023View File
845th Semester2023View File
835th Semester2023View File
315th Semester2022View File
235th Semester2021View File
245th Semester2022View File
275th Semester2021View File
876th Semester2024View File
866th Semester2022View File
856th Semester2022View File
266th Semester2022View File
886th Semester2024View File

ID Title Date View
8Physics (Major) Syllabus as per NEP2023-08-16View File
7BSc Physics (Regular/Generic) CBCS Syllabus2023-08-16View File
6BSc Physics (Honours) CBCS Syllabus2023-08-16View File

ID Title Semester View
122Saha ionisation formula6th SemesterView File
121Polarization of Electromagnetic Wave6th SemesterView File
120Half shade polarimeter6th SemesterView File
119Crystal structure5th SemesterView File
39Schrodinger equation for hydrogen (H) atom5th SemesterView File
23Numerical 2nd semester2nd SemesterView File
22Basic idea about quantum dot4th SemesterView File
21Planck Radiation Law3rd SemesterView File
20Curie Weiss law of ferrolectricity5th SemesterView File
19Crystal structure summary5th SemesterView File
18Comparison of three statistics (MB, FD and BE)3rd SemesterView File
17van der Waal's equation of state3rd SemesterView File
16Change of temperature during an adiabatic process (Application of Maxwell's Equation)3rd SemesterView File
15Relativistic transformation of momentum and energy1st SemesterView File
14Law of radioactive decay4th SemesterView File
13Michelson Morley Experument1st SemesterView File
12Laser basics4th SemesterView File
11Fictitious forces (centrifugal and Coriolis force)1st SemesterView File
10Effect of fictitious force on the rotation of earth1st SemesterView File

ID Sl. No. Course Type Session Course Name Students Enrolled Course Completion View
171Add-on2022-23Analysis of Numerical Methods and Computation08Course CompletedView File

Sl. No. MoU Parties Time Period View File
1Department of Physics, Abhayapuri College and Department of Physics, PDUAMTFive years w.e.f. 17.03.2023View File